>May 25, 2017: Finally Tekahara sensei's new book is available on page 5 of book in store.
>May 25, 2017:
Orizuru silk temari thread is in store. It's only 30 colors but you will see the very best color range.
>May 25, 2017:
Chiyotemari ito is in a store. It's only available a full set of color in a box. For card purchasing, please ask.

>May 6, 2017
: Shipment will stop until May 16, 2017. Apologize for making you wait
>May 5, 2017:
Takahara sense's new book will delay again. Now it is at the end of May.
>May 3, 2017 : My book, Temari -The Geometric Shapes and Needlework- is on page 5 of book in store. Shipment will start around May 20.This is all about temari; history, Jiwari, designs, temariuta(song) and JTA. No instraction.
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